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Hot Russian Brides

Hot Russian Brides

Why are Foreigners in Love With Russian Brides?


Russian women are extremely popular in countries with a high standard of living. The foreign suitors have all the conditions for a safe and interesting life, but every man wants to have not just a beauty, but also a patient, sensitive, tender wife who will take care of him as a child, love and preserve loyalty. Russian women are famous for all these qualities. Here are some other reasons as to why Russian mail order bride drive foreigners crazy:

  • For the most part, girls in Russia are a lot more open and modest. It is easy to get acquainted with them, communicate and enter her into the circle of your friends, which is not the case with the most European women. Moreover, the level of openness of Russian compatriots is much higher than any American who has never left his country can imagine. Even if on the street you walk up to a famous actress, model or simple married woman, you will not be sent a sidelong glance or said disapproving words. This is due to the long-standing trend in Russian society, according to which men behave as they please (not always, of course), which is much less common in Europe and United States;

  • To everyone's surprise, Europe and USA were so keen on feminism that they did not notice how they became the owners of the least feminine members of the fair sex. What feminists (both women and men) do not understand is that most other countries do not envy them at all, but on the contrary, despise such prevalence of this idea, finding it unnatural, tasteless and unfeminine;

  • In Russia and Europe, 80-90% of young girls are slim or proportionate (height / weight). For comparison, in the US, a lot more women in one way or another suffer from obesity. Such an assertion is indisputable, obvious and amenable to objective measurement;

  • Russian girls dress more stylishly, attractively and definitely more feminine than European and American women who prefer convenience and practicality over outward appearance and showiness. Russian girls are better at picking up clothes and cosmetics, and the traditional women's clothing (skirts, high-heeled shoes) are used more often by European and American women. As with the point about weight, the differences here are very obvious. It will even be a bold statement that a substantial part of Russian girls in America will be considered very attractive, while in the United States the ratio is much lower, from which every slim or thin, curvaceous girl is treated like a princess. What is considered sexual in America is average in Russia. In order to see this, it is enough to visit a densely populated Russian city (Moscow or St. Petersburg, for example);

  • The girls from Russia are inherent in earthiness and sincerity, both in character and in behavior. Communicating with them is a very genuinely honest experience. You do not need any tricks from the arsenal of the alpha male or something like that, you just have to be yourself, as long as you are kind, sincere, decent and, like them, you will have a chance;

  • Russians have a much richer intellectual baggage, are more cultured, and educated. They have a wider outlook and often speak several languages;

  • Russian girls have an amazing passion to show interest in many things, which makes them a lot more interesting. They love to discover something new, broaden the range of interests, as well as experience as many varied experiences in life as possible;

  • They are family-oriented. Most of the Russian brides do everything possible to create a family at the young age. This is also what differs from a lot of Western women, who want to finish studying and build a career first. The reason why Russian women want to marry as early as possible is because they feel like family is the number one goal in their lives. They feel lonely and unsuccessful otherwise. However, even though family is over everything for them, including a career. They still don’t abandon studying and find time for self-development;

  • Russian brides have a fascinating natural beauty. This is something that really stands out and what differs them from women of other nations. You won’t find a more feminine and attractive beauty;

  • Despite being incredibly attractive from nature, Russian girls put a lot of time into self-care. They don’t just rely on their natural beauty, because they want to look even better. They get up very early in the morning to put up makeup and do their hair. Another thing that they really look after is their body. It’s funny, because they have a great slim body from the nature as well, but most of them visit gym regularly either way. They work out to stay healthy and make their body look even more sexy;

  • Great thing to know for the foreigners is that Russian brides are great at cooking. Their moms teach them how to cook at early age, because they know how important it is to look after their husband and keep him satisfied. That being said, you can be sure that you won’t need to waste additional money on food from the restaurants, because your Russian beauty will be waiting for you at home with delicious food;

  • One last thing that is worth mentioning is how good Russian girls are at sex. They really know how to pleasure their men in multiple ways, and aren’t afraid to try new things.

What do Russian Brides Value in Foreign Men?


The first thing out of all that Russian brides find very nice about foreigners is the reliability. They believe that foreign men will provide them with stability, and they will be behind her husband as if behind a stone wall. Russian women are sure that a European husband will never drink, the probability of which is quite high when girls marry Russian guys. It is no secret that girls are also attracted by the financial side, because the standard of living in Europe is much higher, and it is prestigious to live there. The overall culture level of European men is also higher than Russian. They are polite, tactful, brought up on respect for the woman and are very handsome.


How to Act on a date With a Russian Bride


  1. Russian girls, like any other girls, pay special attention to the cleanliness, tidiness of a man, to the smell that emanates from him. The first impression is very important. Be attentive to your appearance;
  2. Russian girls don't like being treated like a thing. Many men, knowing that Russian girls are beautiful, want to immediately drag them to bed. Perhaps they want the same thing, but it should not be forgotten that every girl is a person who needs to feel unique and desirable. Treat a woman as a great value with your own thoughts and desires.  Be attentive to what you are talking about. Don't ask stupid questions about sex. For Russians, the topic of sex is very personal, it is not customary to talk about this in public;
  3. Russian girls hate boring men. If you have nothing to say and only sex is on your mind, it means that you do not enjoy communicating with a girl and you do not appreciate her. Remember that you are a foreigner, you can talk about your country - how the people live there or the interesting things that you can see there. It is very important to listen carefully to the opinion of the interlocutor. And never forget about the courtesy;
  4. Be positive. Women avoid men who see only negative in work, relationships and in life;
  5. Do not ask beaten questions. Be original. Usually, girls are interested in learning about you, so tell them more about yourself. Remember that many people do not know anything about your country, and this gives you an advantage over Russian men, because you are very different from them;
  6. Russian women like men who take the initiative. If you are not confident in yourself, try not to show it. Confidence comes with experience;
  7. Girls do not like when the man is the only one who’s talking all the time. Usually this happens with selfish men or those who are nervous when dealing with a beautiful girl. In both cases, you need to change your line of conduct and relax;
  8. Do not try to make an impression by starting to vaccinate. Do not talk about the money that you do not have, or about how perfect you are, and that the rest men are just unhappy fools. In the end, if a girl is not completely stupid, she will realize that she’s lying to you. Be yourself, don’t worry about your weaknesses and merits, but at the same time try to interest her;
  9. A courteous stranger who offers a girl to carry a huge suitcase, as a rule, makes her sympathize. Just do not confuse courtesy with obtrusiveness. Usually, “no” still means “no”, and excessive perseverance will not add you any prop points;
  10. Make compliments. A win-win if the compliment is devoid of platitudes, but not subtlety. Forget about cliches. But do not overdo it with originality: information that the girl has the best in the world thick of fingers or the ideal curvature of the teeth, while dating is clearly redundant;
  11. Meeting in real life is almost always a surprise. Therefore, be extremely tactful, polite and never invade the girl's personal zone. Otherwise, your impulse of feelings will simply frighten her and make her run away quickly. Even if everything else you did was right.


Usually Russian girls are interested in important things, however, there will be those who are interested only in your money and external beauty. You shouldn’t worry about that, just remember that are a lot of beautiful Russian brides, but not everyone will suit you. Be selective with your choice.

Best Ways to Meet a Russian Bride

There are a lot of places where you can meet a beautiful Russian bride, including clubs, bars, special dating sites, chat rooms (here, in general, everything can be done without registration), social networks. Depending on what you expect from new acquaintances, you should choose a place yourself. Even the public of social networks and dating sites is different.

For example, on dating sites people hang out for whom acquaintance is the goal. The reasons may be different: someone wants to marry as soon as possible, someone wants an easy and burdensome relationship, while others want sex for one night.

The picture is different with social networks, people go there not only to get acquainted: someone works there, someone has fun, and so on.

In contact with. There are going to young people, within 30 years. Although now the audience of this social network has matured significantly, it is still the “youngest” social network in Russia.

  • Chatroulette sites. This is a very interesting option, even though most of the relationships here don’t grow into something serious. However, if they do, it it almost ideal, because chatroulette does not require registration, everything is completely free, and it also creates some illusion of anonymity, which helps to open up and feel somewhat more confident when communicating with the opposite sex;

  • The easiest way to make acquaintance and find the right girl is to choose by interests. Groups, public, all sorts of events. You can get acquainted right there or contact the girl in private. A sample list of topics for conversation will be easy to come up with;

  • Another great place to look for Russian beauties are social networks. Originally designed to communicate and maintain contacts, today social networks are often used for dating. They expand our social circle. In social networks, acquaintance algorithms are as close as possible to real life: you meet people, communicate with them, maintain interest in your person with the help of bright statuses and interesting photos, join the thematic communities.  For example, there is a Russian social network named Vkontake. It is designed mainly for young people, so a beautiful girl can be found there without any problems. There are also social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and others. Russian brides love spending a lot of time in social networks;

  • The most convenient and reliable way to meet a Russian bride online is through dating sites. The principle of such sites should be familiar to everyone. You start an account, answer questionnaire questions, post your photos, view profiles of other participants, send them messages and respond to offers to meet. Such resources as Edarling.ru and Loveplanet.ru are popular, and the new site Linkyou.ru is also pretty interesting. There you can find people of a certain profession.


Here are some tips for those who are looking for a lady on the web:

  1. The statistics show that women are most interested in the men who use the words “love”, “romance” and “heart” in their own descriptions. Yes, most of the girls are romantic and you should consider that;
  2. Do not forget about the photos. Most men choose completely inappropriate photos for registration of their account: group photos in which it is difficult to immediately find the right person, fuzzy and blurred photos, photos in dark glasses ( where they can’t even see your face). The worst option is photographs from parties where the person is drunk, or pictures with former girlfriends. Close-up smiling face, pictures from travels, photos like “me and my snowmobile” attract much more attention according to the statistics;
  3. Slang, rudeness and spelling errors scare away almost 70% of users. Jargon and strong words are better reserved for meeting with old friends. This applies to both the registration of the account and conducting personal correspondence;
  4. Show imagination and interest. “Hello, how are you, you are pretty” - every attractive girl receives dozens of such messages. Find a more original way to start a conversation. Look for clues in her interest in the photos. Ask questions, because any girl likes to talk about herself more than to listen to a monologue about someone else’s life;
  5. Do not abuse cute messages like "bunny", "kitty, "baby". Girls like such messages only when they come from a loved one, but not from a barely familiar guy on a dating site;
  6. Do not be intrusive. Do not send way too many message, do not ask "why are you silent?" 10 times a day and do not go to the insults if she refused to continue to meet you. No one owes nothing to nobody here.


If you already live in Russia and you feel like looking for a pretty Russian bride, then you can meet one in real life. It’s a much better option than internet most of the time, because live communication is a lot more different. You will see how truly beautiful she is and her personality. And you will also obviously know that she isn’t fake. Here are the best ways where to meet a Russian bride live:

  1. Clubs/bars/parties. Russian brides love partying, so looking for them in such places is a great idea. You can just imagine how sexy they dress to such places, considering how good-looking they are in every day life. However, you have to be aware that there are also girls who are just looking for sex. Everyone is different, so you never know;

  2. On the street, in a cafe or in a park. These places might be a better choice if you are looking for long-term relationships. There are a lot of beautiful girls everywhere you go. The only problem might be poor English of some of the Russian brides;

  3. English clubs. There are also Russian brides who are willing to learn English. You can meet them in places like English clubs. It’s a win-win for you, because you know that she can communicate with you, and you also know that she finds time for self development, and that speaks to her personality;

  4. Dating tours. If you are still not Russia, but you feel like you really want to visit this country, then you can try out going on a dating tour. You will be given a chance to stay in Russia for a couple of days and meet a lot of beautiful girls. Even if you won’t get lucky with dating, you can still learn more about Russian culture and make new friends.

Average Cost of a Russian Bride

It is impossible to name a certain price, because there are different dating agencies and all of them have their own rules. It also depends from the amount of time it will take to find your soul mate and if you are planning to visit Russia to meet with her, and so on. You should be ready to waste a lot of money, because all of this can cost you up to ten thousand dollars at worst. However, all of this is definitely worth it, because you will be able to find the right person for yourself that will be with you till the rest of your life.